The staff at Spectrum Dental includes highly experienced and compassionate dentists and hygienists. Their diverse and impressive backgrounds gives them the ability to offer treatment in a lot of different situations.

Dr. Tamara Dulan

Dr. Tamara Miles-Dulan was born in Los Angeles California. A graduate of Westchester High School in Los Angeles California, Dr Dulan entered Howard University and graduated with a degree in dental hygiene. In the fall 1990, Dr. Dulan attended The University of Maryland Dental School and graduated with a doctor of dental surgery degree in 1994. In 2000 Dr. Dulan purchased her very own dental practice in Essex Maryland. For the next 13 years Dr. Dulan built a family orientated state of the art dental practice. In addition, Dr. Dulan taught at the University of Maryland Dental School as a clinical instructor on a part time basis. In 2013, Dr. Dulan sold her dental practice.

Dr. Dulan is currently part of Spectrum Dental at Union Memorial Hospital with Dr Katherine Collier and Associates. As the primary dentist at Spectrum Dental, she brings 19 years of experience, excellent clinical judgment and an expanded array of dental skills. These skills include advanced dental training in orthodontics and dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, oral surgery, root canals and prosthetic dentistry.


Katherine Grant Collier, D.D.S.

Dr. Collier, the founder of Spectrum Dental, considers herself very fortunate to have had such a satisfying career while having the opportunity to treat so many patients at Spectrum Dental. Part of what Dr. Collier envisioned when she began Spectrum Dental was to provide a broad 'spectrum' of services to a broad 'spectrum' of people while treating a very diverse and inclusive patient population which reflects the world we live in. After 15 years, Dr. Collier is proud to say that her patient-base is more diverse than ever!

Dr. Collier grew up in Philadelphia and completed her undergraduate at Boston University. She received her dental degree from the University of Maryland Dental School in 1980. Dr. Collier is constantly running dental programs at local schools and has volunteered as a dentist in both Central and South America. She is a member of the American General Dentistry Association and is part of the Union Memorial Hospital medical staff.


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Google Reviews

Very friendly staff! The dental hygienist Judith was wonderful - she's precise, efficient, and really took her time not only cleaning my teeth, but also explaining what she was doing and what I could be doing better to maintain maximum oral health. The dentist who checked my teeth was also very efficient and did not seem rushed at all. She took the time to listen to a concern I had and made sure to address it with me right then. What a great team!

Jade Brown

The staff is very patientand aw well as professional. The office atmosphere is nice aIso. I was very anxious and apprehensive going into a minor surgical procedure but Dr. Collier and her assistant were awesome! All fears were assuaged, I was comfortable, and the procedure went off without a hitch! I'm super grateful!

Whitney Hendrix

Dentist Dr. Dulan extracted a tooth after I went to another dentist who said I needed an oral surgeon dr. Dulan extracted my tooth in less than I minute without pain. I would recommend spectrum dental and Dr. Dulan made a usually frightening experience one that was painless and easy. I used to dread going to the dentist but Dr. Dulan made it a breeze. I would highly recommend them.

Denise Lowery

Wonderful service. Actually looking forward to my next visit.

Hadley Joseph

I left the dentist office a few minutes ago. I had a nice experience. The staff was kind and caring and the dentist was very professional. Everyone was very welcoming and the overall positivity made me feel comfortable. It was my first time at this dentist office and I was able to get done what I came in for plus a cleaning too.

Scarlett Wright

In a world where customer service and quality of service seems to be a thing of the past. I am here to TRULY say, my experience at Spectrum Dental yesterday was totally the opposite. I was treated like a kid as if it was all about me and the things that would make me happy and feel comfortable. I have to admit, I am a big kid when it comes to dental work. Dr. Dulan and her assistant made me feel like. I could have gone through open heart surgery and all she did was stuck me a couple of times to numb me. My point is that, they were not only gentle they were very genuinely caring. For that, I am so very grateful! You have to be good, no, great to convince me that it's okay to get a needle. Thank you for making my visit a pleasant one. You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Rodney

Rondey Gross

I visit twice a year for exrays and cleaning. Judith, the hygients does an amazing job overall. If you have a fear of going to the dentist after one visit you wouldn't have any fears no more.Customer service is great . Very little wait time and once your done you can't help but to smile every chance you get.

Willie Harris

Dr. Collier and her associates have been our family dentist for about 15 years. Her staff is always professional and friendly and since we have been regular patients for so long, they even ask about my sons when they are not with me. She said either she was good or I was tired. I recommend Spectrum Dental highly and look forward to this practice always servicing our family's dental needs.

Jan D

Initially went to another dental office who attempted charge me a huge fee and appeared unwilling to work with existing dental coverage. Spectrurm Dental took time to talk to me, worked with my insurance provider, and developed a plan to deal with a complicated dental procedure. The oral surgeon was also present at the time of extraction in case the post could be implanted on the same day. The post will be implanted later but it was nice to see that they covered all bases.

Bill A

I've been with Spectrum for twenty years and they are absolutely outstanding. The customer service is outstanding! They are simply the best!

Dale C

If you need an extraction done, this is the place to come get it! It's quick and nearly pain-free. Dr. Caldwell is very good at what she does.

Kelly C